Satellite Modems

  • Satellite Modems

    X2403 MiChroSat Satellite Modem

    The X2403 MiChroSat system can provide data connectivity anywhere in the World. It can support Modem to Modem connections, Modem to PSTN/GSM connections and Modem to Internet connections. It has a full Hayes AT command set allowing existing applications to be easily interfaced. The auto-answer mode can be used to operate data loggers and receive calls from PSTN/GSM units.

    Price Range: £1350 - £1350.

    Product Information
  • Satellite Modems

    Satellite Broadband

    Satellite broadband as a technology is getting more affordable everyday and performance is improving as the technology matures. To use a system in the UK, currently you’ll need three pieces of kit installed, more on this HERE, then your chosen monthly tariff or Pay As You Go (PAYG) package. The monthly fee, as with other broadband providers or mobile phone tariff, is determined by the level of

    Price Range: £319 - £319.

    Product Information

Serial Data Modems that communicate using the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite networks anywhere on Earth. Transparent modem to modem connections or direct to the internet.

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