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Warwick Wireless Ltd

Remote Monitoring, Telemetry and IoT Solutions

The Company

Warwick Wireless Ltd has been manufacturing radio data products and telemetry systems in the UK since 1979. The experience and detailed knowledge accumulated during this time is reflected in our range of unique and innovative radio and GSM products. This coupled with total commitment to customer service and support makes Warwick an essential partner in every telemetry and IoT project. 

IoT Solutions

The Company offer a range of  low cost monitoring and control devices that operate on the mobile phone network and report back to a custom built website.

Radio Telemetry

A range of Radio Telemetry devices operating on UHF licence free radio frequencies.

Radio Telemetry devices transmits data and control signals over a range of up to 20Km using UHF radio frequencies. Unlike 2.4GHz wireless devices, UHF frequencies bend over hills and penetrate buildings.

Data Websits

Data monitoring Websites are built to customers requirements.

Customized Solutions

The deep knowledge of GSM and Wireless system can be applied to your requirements

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