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Products and Services

X9400-IoT Quad Pulse Counter

The X9400-IoT Quad Pulse Counter connects directly to a website. It is a low cost OEM, universal GSM module which operates on any GSM Network. The four independent 32 bit pulse counters pass cumulative data at preset time intervals directly to a dedicated website. The counter and logging function is maintained if the power is removed.

X9100-GSM  Telemetry Engine

The X9100-GSM Telemetry Engine is a low cost, fully programmable GSM/GPRS module which can transmit receive and log analogue, digital and pulse counter data to any device connected to the GSM network such as mobile phones, Web Sites or other X9100-GSM Telemetry Engines.

X8200 Radio Modem

The X8200 Radio Modem has a robust range of 1 to 3Km through buildings and up to 20Km in free space none line of sight. It transmits and receives half duplex serial data at interface baud rates of 1.2K to 115.2K by means of narrow band FM Radio operating on the UK and European licence exempt bands and most other world wide data frequencies.

Customised Solutions

Warwick Wireless products can be customised to provide a complete solution for your specific application. This can include the design of new products to data acquisition systems and web interfacing.

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